What Carpet Cleaning Method is the Best for You?

For those who just want to do it yourself, the basic carpet cleaning method is just vacuuming. But, if you want a thorough clean and a good carpet cleaning outcome, hiring professional is one good idea. If you will hire for professional service you will be given an option like a wet cleaning and the dry cleaning. Wet cleaning involves using hot water extraction method using absorbent pad and chemical while the dry cleaning method includes chemical power applied in a special machines with counter pad rotating. Now, let’s specify these methods and let’s see which one in favors you.

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Wet Cleaning Methods

Wet cleaning process or steam cleaning involved pressurizing the water into the heat temperature and slowly injected in the carpet. Using a chemical substance, the stain and soils will appear in the carpet and will be extracted with a vacuum. Using a hot water is an advantage as this will soften the dirt and will steam the features, making your carpet fresh and odor-free when done Visit this Website: http://carpetcleaningintustin.com/.

The advantage of following this method is it gets out the soil from deep down the carpet, the high temperature with chemical concentrates will suck out the dirt, a normal reaction from the cleaning solvents. This methods typically used by professionals like Dr. Carpet firm. They have wide range of cleaning services including wet cleaning.

Dry Cleaning Methods

This carpet cleaning method is involves using absorbent pads. This process is only suggested for light maintenance. First process could be vacuuming the whole area then a chemical solution will sprayed and leave it for a time. When the right time comes, the absorbent pads is placed on the drive block and spun over the carpet. This process will impregnate the carpet fibers which will pick up the chemical solution and the soil afterwards .

The above mentioned methods can be requested in Carpet Cleaning in Tustin. They have these offer that guaranty satisfactory results.


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